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Cold Urticaria is a community dedicated to helping people suffering with Cold Urticaria.  Together, I want to create the largest collection of practical ideas, stories, and resources for not only living with CU, but thriving with it.  

About Me

I'm a mom of 2, both with CU.  I never wanted anyone else to feel alone on this journey, so I started an award winning blog, the largest group on fb for CU, and wrote magazine articles.  

I knew I was spreading myself to thin, but after experiencing the darkest side of fb, I knew that I couldn't keep things they way they were.

In the most unpopular move I've ever made (and trust me I've made a few!) I closed down the group and the blog and moved them into one place.  Here I know exactly who is in the community (no fake accounts), I can interact more, and better yet, I can introduce you to other parents and sufferers!

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